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Services for high frequency awakening souls looking to deepen their connection to their inner wisdom,reclaim latent gifts and talents and remember the truth of who they are.




Thank you for showing up.

If you resonate with a sense of knowing that you have a soul mission but don't know how to access this information I can help.

The world needs people like you to uncover your gifts and step into your mission so you can fulfil the reason for incarnating at this time.

It is probably much more than you can imagine as that might scare you. Everything is revealed step by step but to activate these steps it is required that you keep moving through your fears and limitations for the next step to be revealed.







A session is individual to you and will include a set of energy codes to work with after your time with me. These are individually channeled by me and will hold the essence of our session. Just by looking at it it will reconnect with the healing you have just received and will help you deepen into the process and fully integrate the session with ease and grace.


A one off session will give you a sense of what is possible but for quantifiable results I recommend an initial commitment to six sessions.


Why not contact me for a FREE mini taster session via Zoom?

I will take you through a mini session so you can see what my coaching sessions are like and you will have a chance to ask questions


Soul Plan Readings to gain clarity

in your Divine Plan

Shining Your Light

Light Body

clearings & activations

to allow more of your Soul's Light to shine.

Remembering Your


Tai Chi -Qi Kung Classes- West Sussex

At the moment I am offering classes online.

Qi Kung, similar to Tai Chi consists of slow flowing movement with gentle breathing which affects every muscle in the body. Including small muscles that most forms of movement overlook. I teach a form of Qi Kung called Tai Chi Qi Kung Shibashi. It consists of 18 moves which together creates flow of energy in your body which gently releases any stagnation and regenerates your system. For thousands of years it has been used to promote health, wellbeing and longevity in China and the far East.

Each movement increases the fluid flow of energy in the energy channels of each organ as well as the internal organs themselves. This creates a euphoric sense of well being as it balances the Chi in the channels of energy known as Meridians in the Chinese model and the flow of Prana in the Nadis in the Yoga model.  This will enhance your energy levels,build resilience  in the nervous system, strength in the muscles,  improves flexibility and range of movement in the joints and brings about a sense of physical, mental and emotional sense balance and wellbeing.


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For any questions you have or to book a free 'get to know me' session

you can reach me here:


Healing in this context means coming into balance on a soul and physical level. We are working in a holistic way to bring mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony. After a session you may experience a physical detox or emotional release. These treatments are in no way meant to replace seeking medical advice

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