Consciousness Coach



I AM a Priestess of the Magdalene & the Lineage of the Rose

A healer for the healers & visionaries of this world 

A guide for those who are ready to uncover their true essence.

Of who they are & why they are here.

I offer you a Sanctuary
from the Outer World.


A place to connect to the very deep peace of your own inner temple.

A place to rediscover your unique path back to wholeness of

Body, Mind & Spirit  


We come into peace and harmony

when we find balance within ourselves.

This is the path to wholeness. 

When you align to this state of flow,

you will discover the pathways to joy and will

bring the mind into union with the heart.


This allows us to follow our hearts without becoming foolish

and brings the mind back into balance, 

to show us the practical steps to achieve our dreams.


When hearts and minds work in cohesion and harmony

The mind will find the path for the heart to follow.

The heart will forge the path for the mind to find.

The wonder of life lives within you.

Your heart knows.

Your soul knows.

Now it's time to

Let your mind know.


I use many tools and modalities to facilitate shifts in consciousness, to shift and transform from the inside out.

When we change our inner landscape and how we see ourselves this can't help but ripple into our outer reality. 



Coaching Sessions


Each one to one session is individual to you.

Why not contact me for a FREE mini taster session via Zoom?


A chance to experience and feel into the process of transformation.


Specialised Sessions to Accelerate your Growth 


Shining Your Light


Remembering Your



Karen has done some amazing work with me over the last 18 months.

I have discovered parts of myself that I didn't know existed. I feel more of a connection to everything, oneness with nature and the universe.

She has helped me to recognise my talents, helped me to clear energy which has had a significant impact on my working and family life. I have a feeling of clarity and I'm beginning to make sense of my life. 

The healing work has been revealing and amazing.

I'm truly grateful to Karen for her wonderful grounding, generous and wise nature. She is an amazing healer, teacher and person.

Thank you Karen

Robyn UK