About Me

I am a healer, intuitive, teacher and a guide.


A Priestess within the lineage of the Magdalene Priestess of the Rose who has trained over many lifetimes to come to this life to serve. I am here to shine a light so others may find their calling and to navigate along it as gracefully and easily as possible.

Empowering others to create a fulfilling life is one of the ways I find my joy. It is work I take seriously as I know how it important it is to feel valued and fulfilled. I like to bring a touch of the magical, mixed with a down to earth approach into my sessions as I hold space for my clients to create their own special life! Unlike many more traditional approaches to coaching I offer healing support with the modalities I offer. This takes in mind,body and spirit to allow a more holistic approach.

Due to my own inner work I am a clear channel for the highest frequencies of light to work through me. 

I believe and know that we are all here to learn and grow how to be compassionate human beings.Part of this learning involved us forgetting our spiritual knowledge and true origins. This is so we can experience our life lessons in full.Our bodies living on earth is just one aspect of who we are. It is mind-blowing to think but we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience. As humanity awakens to this fact we need to ditch the blame game where outside experiences are blamed for how our lives play out. I used to think this too and as a result envied others that seemed to have a better life than me. When I was triggered I projected a lot of that frustration onto others in a very unconscious way. At other times I played the role of the 'good' girl to gain acceptance and love from others while secretly not liking myself at all.


Over the years with the help of many teachers, and my own thirst to find the true meaning of life, I have gone inwards, and using many of the tools I now use, have healed much of my core wounding from early childhood and other past lives I have lived. As a result I can, more and more, access deep levels of peace and self acceptance within myself.


  • Energy Healing

  • Spiritual coach

  • Teacher - Chi Kung & Mindfulness

  • ​​Group Facilitation & Workshops

  • Retreat Facilitator

  • Remote Healing Sessions​

  • Animal Behaviour and Healing

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Clearings,Activations & Energy Transmissions

Bio Energy Transmitter: Institute of Divine Potential

Divine Keys Group Facilitator:Institute Of Divine Potential

Spiritual Counselling Diploma: Holistic Healing college 

Soul Plan Reader Certificate: Holistic Healing College 

Divine Healing Master Keys Levels 1-5: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire- Centre of Love and Enlightenment 

Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training:Dr Almeirah Ariel Hallaire Centre of Love and Enlightenment

Soul Transformation Therapy: Holistic Healing College

Mindfulness and Meditation Instructors Training: Daizan Julian Skinner Zenways

Tai Chi Qigong Instructor: Holistic Healing College

Psychic Development and Mediumship:Angela Watkins College of Psychic Studies

Higher Diploma in Pet Behaviour Counselling COAPE 

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Healing in this context means coming into balance on a soul and physical level. We are working in a holistic way to bring mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony. After a session you may experience a physical detox or emotional release. These treatments are in no way meant to replace seeking medical advice

Karen Peck


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