About Me


Consciousness Coach

Karen Sophia Peck
One who holds the fort
to provide protection and security for others.
Consciousness Coach, Multidimensional Healer Spiritual Guide

I AM an energy healer and teacher of spiritual esoteric principles.

My intention is to allow you to move gracefully and easily into a remembrance of the soul while you tap into your own limitless potential

I specialise in assisting high frequency souls integrate and embody their soul's light in particular 

Walk In Souls

I AM a Priestess of the Magdalene and the Lineage of the Rose. 

I am here to shine a light so others may find their calling,

and to assist them in navigating along their own unique path.


Self  love.Self Worth.Self Belief 


This I believe creates the foundation for self empowerment.

The journey forward always starts within.


I am at present continuing my training to become a High Priestess and I am honoured to be one of the facilitators and mentors for Turtle Academy for the Soul which provides affordable mentoring programs and FREE weekly

Sacred Infinity gatherings for like minded people looking to expand consciousness while enjoying the journey through life.



  • Energy Healing

  • Spiritual coach

  • Teacher - Chi Kung & Mindfulness

  • ​​Group Facilitation & Workshops

  • Retreat Facilitator

  • Remote Healing Sessions​

  • Animal Behaviour and Healing

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Clearings,Activations & Energy Transmissions

  • Mentor and coach for Turtle Academy

Priestess Training: Way of the Rose

Bio Energy Transmitter: Institute of Divine Potential

Divine Keys Group Facilitator:Institute Of Divine Potential

Spiritual Counselling Diploma: Holistic Healing College

Soul Plan Reader Certificate: Holistic Healing College

Divine Healing Master Keys Level 5: Dr Ahlmeirah Ariel Hallaire- Centre of Love and Enlightenment

Lotus Surgeon Lightbody Training:Dr Almeirah Ariel Hallaire Centre of Love and Enlightenment

Soul Transformation Therapy: Holistic Healing College

Mindfulness and Meditation Instructors Training: Daizan Julian Skinner Zenways

Tai Chi Qigong Instructor: Holistic Healing College

Psychic Development and Mediumship:Angela Watkins College of Psychic Studies

Higher Diploma in Pet Behaviour Counselling: COAPE