Morphogenetic Plasmic Field Rishi Code o

Bio Energy Transmissions,

clearings and activations

All of life is made up of energy which includes our bodies. It is either vibrating at a very slow frequency which shows up in the physical or as the frequency quickens becomes our etheric,emotional,mental,astral,etheric template,celestial and causal bodies.This creates, like stacking Russian dolls,fields of energy around us which is our aura.Our physical bodies are like the small doll in the centre and contained in and around us are our subtle energy bodies.When our energy is in flow everything moves like a flowing stream. But we all hold within our fields stuck and stagnant energy which if not released and cleared manifests into the physical field as an imbalance or restriction which then manifests as chronic or acute dis-ease. Or in our mental and emotional bodies as limitations in how we think and feel about ourselves and life.


A Bio Energy Transmission  is one of the most cutting edge and high frequency healing modalities in circulation on the planet today. This healing system contains the energy frequency and living conscious intelligence in living codes known as the Rishi codes of AS. ( Absolute Source)


As a certified Bio Energy Field transmitter I am able to transmit these codes and frequencies for the purposes of healing,clearing and changing the Bio Energy field. (your energy body which creates the template for your physical form) These templates can become distorted which then feeds into our lives on the physical dimension we live in.


The codes and associated programs are powerful in that they are working beyond the usual seven levels of the bio energy field that most systems work on. They are accessing holographically imprinted programs stored in the high dimensions, adjusting these programs stationed there and allowing new templates , new soul programming to be dropped down from the higher dimensions into your physical fields.


What is a Code?


'A code is a mathematical scalar wave program that holds holographically imprinted information from higher dimensional bands. A code is made up of symbols, light, colour and sound which is the language of the subtle fields which create your energy body. By working with codes and energy waves we are able to access holographically encoded information stored in the higher dimensions and bring this information into our Fields and down into our  physical reality. The person's Divine Self guides directs and uses this information in the best way possible for the them by adjusting the frequency, amplitude and wave lengths of the codes to suit their stage of conscious evolution.' Institute of Divine Potential.


The codes holistically  clear and activate within your energy field to bring about regeneration, clearing and activations. if I am guided I will use the codes alongside a Divine healing session. The codes bypass the conscious mind whereas Divine healing incorporates the mind to help you understand what is taking place. The two modalities work together very effectively to form a synergy of healing.


The codes are activated through sounds and tones which run the code through your fields. At present I work with 12 codes which all have a specific purpose.


•    Clearing your field of stagnant energy.

•    Revitalising your chakras

•    Revitalising the energetic template of various internal organs.

•    Balancing the energy of your brain.

•    Clearing energy attachments

•    Create a heart brain fusion

•    Clearing imprinted programs ( faulty beliefs)

•    Repair the first emotional wounding of separation at birth

•    Releasing and removing energetic spinal seals that disrupt energy flow

•    Extracting astral objects, energy attachments and cord removal

•    Repair the field to prevent energy leaks

•    Heal the hara line


As everyone is unique the codes will work energetically in a different way for each person according to their needs as based on the intention set for the session. 


Each session usually lasts between 1 hour to 1hr 20/30minutes and is either done via a Skype or Zoom call where you will be present or can be done remotely without interaction ( If someone is in hospital or very ill) lying down to receive.


I charge a sliding scale of £45- £75 for an hour to £65 to £100  for a longer session.


Can these codes be used with groups? Yes! If you have a group that you feel would benefit from this work please contact me.


Animal Group Healing- Held once a week for 45 minutes £20 a month.