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Chi Kung

Online classes via zoom Mondays and Fridays at 10am.

For thousands of years Chi Kung has been used to promote health, wellbeing and longevity in China and the far East.


Chi Kung is a form of Tai Chi which promotes health and longevity. It is very easy to learn but over time your practice will deepen until it becomes a form of moving meditation. 

It creates a strong foundation for the body,mind spirit connection essential for harmonising your life.


I have been teaching Chi Kung for three years and it has become an essential part of my spiritual practice due to it's benefits physically, emotionally and mentally.


Chi Kung cultivates energy flow throughout the body. It creates great emotional resiliance and serenity and allows the body and mind to come fully into presence. 

Chi Kung which is similar to Tai Chi consists of slow flowing movement with gentle breathing which affects every part of the body to bring balance flow and harmony.

I teach a form of Chi Kung called Tai Chi Qi Kung Shibashi. It consists of  eighteen moves which together creates flow of energy in your body which gently releases any stagnation and regenerates your system. I also teach a form of Chi Kung called Golden Spine 9 which helps to loosen the spine and create flexibility. This consists of  nine movements which compliment the moves of Shibashi.


The movements in both forms increases the fluid flow of energy in the energy channels of the body as well as the internal organs themselves. This creates a euphoric sense of well being as chi in the meridians balance and flow more easily.

Over time this will enhance your energy levels, build resilience  in the nervous system, strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility and range of movement in the joints and bring about a sense of physical, mental and emotional  balance and wellbeing.


The benefits can be felt immediately but over time your experience  will deepen and grow.

Drop in online classes £8 a session or £5 a class when paid monthly in advance