My Approach

Living Authentically in Alignment

with your Soul's Purpose


My main focus is to give you a sense of freedom that has a positive impact on your life.


Your Soul does not require comfort. It requires growth and when life gets too comfortable the soul's desire for growth can outweigh the need for comfort. This can be a scary place to be which is where a coach can help.My skills lie in providing a safe space to uncover and release limitations and blocks at an energetic level. I am a Spiritual coach so we work at the very deep levels of your psyche to release stuck energy. I intuitively work with you to raise awareness and consciousness so you can make choices that are in alignment with your Soul. 


Consciousness can be defined as a quality of awareness which can be something within yourself or externally. With awareness we can start to make informed choice. Consciousness coaching will help bring to your awareness how to create positive change into your life and by understanding how your emotions,thoughts and beliefs create your reality you can start to shift your awareness to allow positive changes in how you see yourself and your place in the world.

Due to my own inner work I am a clear channel for the highest frequencies of information to work through me. 

If you are new to all these concepts don't worry. I am here to coach and guide you as you take your first conscious steps towards the greatest version of yourself. ( which is always more than you could possibly imagine)


If these concepts are already familiar to yourself I will help you take yourself to the next level on your spiritual path.


My promise to you is if I feel I am not a good match for your needs I will refer you to someone who is.

If you would like to find out more why not book a FREE initial 1/2 hour telephone or Zoom call?


Sessions are designed to connect you to your intuition by lifting the ceiling on your consciousness.

My intention is for you to connect fully to the source of your power and inner wisdom.