Consciousness Coach

Consciousness Coaching Sessions
Aligning Heart, Mind & Soul


Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary to create a life of authentic truth

Each session lasts between 1 hour to 1hr 30minutes.

  £75  per sesssion

Six session package £399


Payment is required in advance of each session


Consciousness coaching sessions are individually designed around you. They create a space for you to be heard and listened to, and combine spiritual counselling, coaching and healing. Within a session you will experience clearings, activations and sometimes guided meditations.

My intention is for you to connect to your own inner wisdom and guidance and I am a witness and hold space for your  transformation which makes each session very powerful.


We are all striving for something. Whether conscious or not.Whether it is to become more secure in the materialistic sense, to feel better in yourself, or whether you are one of a growing group of souls who are striving for the intangible. You may not know what it is, but there is a yearning for a greater understanding of who you are.Your purpose, or how to acheive it. An inner knowing that something needs to shift but you are not sure what that is. Sometimes this searching is triggered by events which shake you to the core of your being as you question everything, including who you are?


This is the stage where you start to unlearn everything you thought was true about yourself. This can be very destabilising and for some leads to a dark night of the soul. If this is the case it is the time to for you to find the light within you which holds the truth of who you are.

Your spirit is awakening and giving you a push to re-evaluate all that you are. If you listen to these prompts they can lead you onto a path of self enquiry which will connect you inwards to your essence or your authentic self.


These sessions are for you if you are willing to do the work to see yourself from the perspective of your soul. They will help you move past limitations ( which are just like faulty computer programs) to become empowered to see yourself through the eyes of wholeness and self love.


My aim is to help you identify and heal ( bring into wholeness) the parts of your life that are not in resonance with who you are at the core of your being. To bring heart and mind into harmony.To inspire you to realise your gifts and talents as you overcome your challenges. And most importantly to create change through the pathway of ease and joy, allowing grace to permeate your transformation.


We will be working together through the online platform Zoom. This is just as powerful as in person sessions and allows us to connect across the world. I am based in the UK so please take that into account for your time zone in the world

Each session usually lasts between 1 hour to 1hr 30minutes.

I charge  £75 per session.  

Six session package £399


Payment is required in advance of each session

I have had several sessions with Karen Sophia and have enjoyed and benefited from each of them in many ways. Karen Sophia is a natural when she connects with spirit. She receives a great amount of information and is able to deliver it to you with all her love, understanding and compassion.


After each session with her I felt very connected, grounded and expanded in my understanding of what the next steps in my life would bring me. During her sessions I always felt safe, joyful and well guided. I would recommend anyone looking for inspiration, healing or guidance to connect with her.

Without a doubt. She is really a beautiful human being and a talented therapist. 

Cristina New Zealand