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Specialist Sessions

Remembering Your
Soul Plan Reading

If you know you are here for a reason but need clarity on what your purpose is a Soul Plan Reading gives a remarkably powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance incorporating spiritual counselling and healing. 

It is based on the blueprint of the plan your Soul has chosen for you. This is revealed in the sound vibration of the name you were given at birth. (As it appears on your birth certificate)


Soul Plan Readings have been derived from ancient texts such as the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah which explores the creation of reality through sound, letter and word. Much of this channelled system was brought into being by Frank Alper (1930-2007) in his Spiritual Numerology of Moses work.  This has now been modernized and the interpretations updated and expanded by Blue Marsden a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has been guided to channel and integrate material that highlights the theme of non duality


There are no coincidences and the name you were given will be encoded with the frequencies and energies that will enable your soul to experience the situations and experiences to enable it to grow.


Through an analysis of your birth name I will be able to chart your:

  • Challenges 

  • Talents  

  • Goals

  • Your overall Soul Destiny


Within a reading you will gain clarity and recognition of how your life has hidden meaning. It can be very life affirming to have conformation you are on the right path or clarity on how changes can be made on discovering your purpose. We look at how you are always given the talents you need to move out of the challenges and towards your goals.


If you would like your Soul Plan to be fully activated a reading can be taken as an individual session. However if you would like further support to work through the challenges that are highlighted you may wish to consider additional sessions to help support you as you move through any challenges you are experiencing.


To prepare a Reading I will need your name as it appears on your birth chart. I will then need a week to chart your Soul Plan. In our face-to-face session, (either in person or by Zoom) I will explain the reading and give you guidance, tools and techniques to help you move forward in your life. Payment for this session needs to be made in advance due to the time taken to draw up a chart. 

Session cost- £111 to include a copy of your Soul plan chart

Please note all sessions to be paid in advance

Embodying your Soul's Light
Sovereign Embodiment
of Your Light


Sacred Ceremonies and Light transmissions for awakening and remembering your Soul’s Sovereignty and Light.

This is very powerful work for those of you who are willing to commit fully to your path of service and in doing so move towards the union of body and soul along the path of ascension. 

These six initial sessions create the space for more of your soul’s light to embody into physical form.

It will help you feel more connected to your inner wisdom and higher guidance and in doing so raise your consciousness to level of awareness where you remember soul aspects beyond this present life.

Up to now most of us have experienced lifetimes of separation from the knowledge that we are all expressions of God/Goddess within.

We have agreed to live a life of illusion to experience all the polarities life has to offer and to give us choice.

This allows us to learn and to grow through these experiences or to stay longer in the illusion that we are all separate. 

Now we are at a pivotal time when this sacred remembrance of God/Goddess within is awakening within many of us 



Six sessions to allow you to gracefully step into your power

Session one
In the first session you will be taken into sacred ceremony to realign the physical body with the soul’s path. 

With this realignment your body will come into alignment with your soul's expansion back to Light.

This is where your physical expression starts the process of becoming the living embodiment of your spirit in form. 


Session Two

This second session clears your energy fields of any quantum entanglements

that are restricting the flow of Light that is ready to be released.

You will clean up your energy fields of any sticky energy between yourself and outdated agreements with outside influences that no longer serves your Soul's progress back to the Light.



Session Three

We will go into ceremony to dissolve all mental constructs that are holding you back. Some of these have been learnt from childhood. Some are held within etheric structures that we agreed to hold in our fields before we incarnated. This is in order to allow us to experience the illusion of separateness from our Divine selves. 

Now it is time to release these limitations that are based on false evidence.

This allows the power of the mind to unite with the heart’s wisdom and knowing.


Session four

In past lives you may have accumulated fear-based structures in your fields, which were perceived as necessary protection. These are blocking the flow of light able to come into your energy fields and at this time in humanities awakening are no longer needed. 

Our light holds our true essence and contains all we need to stay Sovereign and Whole.

In this beautiful ceremony these structures will be released

and you will affirm your Sovereign right to be whole and free.




Session Five

A beautiful session where the lines of light that flow through your body will be repaired and rejuvenated. This is your light body that forms the bridge between your physical body and your Higher Light (Your Higher or Divine Self) Once your light body is balanced and aligned you will be able to draw more of your soul’s light into form.


Session six

Light activation of your DNA and the activation of dormant structures in your energy bodies to assist you in remembering your true nature and multidimensional gifts and talents.

Session cost- £111 

Six session package £600

Please note all sessions to be paid in advance