Consciousness Coaching Sessions
Aligning to your Soul

These empowerment energy shifting sessions are individually designed around you to combine spiritual counselling,coaching and healing They are as unique as you are and may include clearings, activations, guided meditations as well as a place for you to be heard and listened to.

Each session usually lasts between 1 hour to 1hr 20/30minutes.

I charge a sliding scale of £45- £75 for an hour to £65 to £100  for a longer session.

Payment is required in advance.


Within these guidelines pay what your circumstances allow. If you are in genuine need I will help. However this is valuable work with the potential to change your life so a fair exchange does need to apply.Please check in with your own inner guidance as to what your limitations truly are. We are working on building trust and rapport and so clear communication and energy exchange is essential!

Most sessions include Divine Healing and/or Soul Transformation Therapy and a personally scribed set of codes sent after the session.

Specialist Sessions

Soul Plan Reading

Light Body Clearings and Activations


Both are charged at the higher rate of £85 concession /£125 per session for 1hr 30mins


Your Soul Name and Essence Remembered 


£33 for a reading sent to you via Whats App or email.

Your  Soul Name and Essence Remembered

This is a new service where I will give you a channelled message of your Soul's essence and Soul name which will include your name scribed in Light language and a short sound recording of your name.

In many this knowledge will activate a deep knowing and wisdom activated within your being. 

Cost £33 

Soul Plan Readings 

If you know you are here for a reason but need clarity on what your purpose is a Soul Plan Reading gives a remarkably powerful and accurate system of life purpose guidance incorporating spiritual counselling and healing. 

It is based on the blueprint of the plan your Soul has chosen for you. This is revealed in the sound vibration of the name you were given at birth. (As it appears on your birth certificate)


Soul Plan Readings have been derived from ancient texts such as the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah which explores the creation of reality through sound, letter and word. Much of this channelled system was brought into being by Frank Alper (1930-2007) in his Spiritual Numerology of Moses work.  This has now been modernized and the interpretations updated and expanded by Blue Marsden a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has been guided to channel and integrate material that highlights the theme of non duality


There are no coincidences and the name you were given will be encoded with the frequencies and energies that will enable your soul to experience the situations and experiences to enable it to grow.


Through an analysis of your birth name I will be able to chart your:

  • Challenges 

  • Talents  

  • Goals

  • Your overall Soul Destiny


Within a reading you will gain clarity and recognition of how your life has hidden meaning. It can be very life affirming to have conformation you are on the right path or clarity on how changes can be made on discovering your purpose. We look at how you are always given the talents you need to move out of the challenges and towards your goals.


If you would like your Soul Plan to be fully activated a reading can be taken as an individual session. However if you would like further support to work through the challenges that are highlighted you may wish to consider additional sessions to help support you as you move through any challenges you are experiencing.


To prepare a Reading I will need your name as it appears on your birth chart. I will then need a week to chart your Soul Plan. In our face-to-face session, (either in person or by Zoom) I will explain the reading and give you guidance, tools and techniques to help you move forward in your life. Payment for this session needs to be made in advance due to the time taken to draw up a chart. 

Session cost- £125 to include preparation of your chart

Light Body Clearings & Activations

For most people life is all about the physical reality they can see, feel and touch but on an energetic level we have an etheric blueprint which is our Light Body. Our Light body is the connection between our physical form and our multi dimensional or higher, Divine self.



Your Light Body serves as a bridge to the Higher Dimensions. It is in fact your connection to your Higher Self which connects you to all aspects of your Soul's journey across all lifetimes. It sits in and around your physical body and within your energy field. Your Light Body is made up of Light, Sounds and symbols.Once activated it allows a greater connection to your Higher Self and brings on line more of your spiritual gifts and talents.

If you have been on a spiritual path for many years but feel you have hit a ceiling on raising your consciousness this process will help you shift the blocks to further growth.

If you regularly experience the following ( which your doctor can't explain) Light body work can help you alleviate these symptoms.

  • Scattered and off balance most of the time?

  • You feel separate from your body and feel  that it has a will of its own?

  • headaches/neck or back pain

  • numbness/tingling

  • fatigue/waking up tired

  • heartburn/indigestion

  • difficulty talking/comprehension

  • weird or blurry vision

  • difficulty breathing

  • memory loss/spaciness

  • disorientation/dizziness/shakiness

  • lack of grounding

As we become more aware, our consciousness shifts and higher levels of awareness start to come into being. We start to literally lighten up as this happens.This is just a shift in awareness, as we cannot change what we already are which is at the core of our being our soul shining  it’s light.

Thousands of years of conditioning have led humanity to believe that we are separate from spirit. In fact we are all individuated expression of the Divine, learning to reconnect and come back to our true selves at one with all that is.


Light body Integration is a very high vibrational set of sessions to help us to integrate our light into our physical form which allows our bodies to be energetically less dense and more free to express our true nature. It helps us be more in alignment with our spiritual path by clearing blocks and vows that our soul's took before bring born, just so we would stay in the Game of Separation. The time is now right for many souls to come into their power and to become sovereign. Fully embodying their Light in their physical form.


If you are drawn to these words and they are creating a deep knowing and recognition of the Truth that is being shared, you may find Light Body integration sessions to be a useful next step on your path of growth. 


Light body sessions do not create healing but can set the conditions for healing to occur so the first two sessions in particular can be useful if you are on a path of physical healing.


The first four/ five sessions are designed to identify and clear the blocks put in place which inhibit the ability of your soul’s light to fully shine. These are a pre requisite to the final sessions where your Light Body will go through a full repair which allows your Higher Light to start to integrate with your physical form and start to activate your Divine Human Blueprint.This allows more of your Spirit to descend into your body and for your Light Body to be activated.  This Light brings in  information and knowledge which can greatly accelerate you on your spiritual path.

Activating your Light Body is not a replacement for healing or initially consulting with your doctor. It activates Light! For some of you the Light can bring up the wounded aspects of yourself into your awareness. Divine Healing or Bio Energy sessions alongside your Light Body sessions can be very helpful if the process becomes overwhelming.


What do the sessions entail ?


Initially we will be working through a process of breaking vows and contracts that have been taken ( By you on a soul level) to keep you in maximum separation  from knowing and embodying  your Divinity within. As part of the experience of coming into this reality etheric crystals and devices have been placed within your energy field to stop the Light coming into your physical form. We need to remove all these blocks before your Light Body can be activated or it will be like running vast amounts of electricity through a light bulb which can only hold 40 volts. The bulb will blow! ( this is one of the reasons for ascension symptoms – headaches, joint pain, flu like symptoms that come and go)


The processes that need to be done in order for this not to happen are.

  1. Body Consciousness Realignment

  2. Deactivation of soul contracts designed to hold you in maximum separation.

  3. Etheric Crystal and Lower Divinty thresholds removal

  4. Removal of inorganic devices

  5. Once this is complete during the last two sessions your Light Body system will be repaired, rebuilt

  6. And activated.​

For some of you the effects will be felt immediately for others the effects will accumulate over time in a very gentle way and only on reflection you will see the difference in the way you are and in the way your life has changed. Most commonly people feel a combination of the two.

​Specialised sessions to follow on from Light body are available once you have completed your initial six session


Light Body sessions are charged at £125 per session ( £85 concession)

one and a half to two hours

Special package- all six sessions paid in advance £600.

Tai Chi -Qi Kung 

Online drop in classes via zoom Mondays and Fridays at 10am.

Qi Kung cultivates energy flow throughout the body. Creates a serene mind and allows the mind to come into presence. 

It creates a strong foundation for the body,mind spirit connection essential for harmonising your life.

Qi Kung, similar to Tai Chi consists of slow flowing movement with gentle breathing which affects every muscle in the body. Including small muscles that most forms of movement overlook. I teach a form of Qi Kung called Tai Chi Qi Kung Shibashi. It consists of 18 moves which together creates flow of energy in your body which gently releases any stagnation and regenerates your system. For thousands of years it has been used to promote health, wellbeing and longevity in China and the far East.


Each movement increases the fluid flow of energy in the energy channels of each organ as well as the internal organs themselves. This creates a euphoric sense of well being as it balances the Chi in the channels of energy known as Meridians in the Chinese model and the flow of Prana in the Nadis in the Yoga model.  


Over time this will enhance your energy levels,build resilience  in the nervous system, strength in the muscles,  improves flexibility and range of movement in the joints and bring about a sense of physical, mental and emotional sense balance and wellbeing.

I teach a form of Qi Kung called Tai Chi Qi Kung Shibashi. I consists of 18 moves which together creates flow of energy in your body which gently releases any stagnation and regenerates your system.


I am now also incorporating into my classes a form of Qi Kung called Golden Spine 9 which helps to loosen the spine and create flexibility. This consists of 9 movements which compliment the moves of Shibashi. As always easy to learn but a lifetime to master. The benefits can be felt immediately but over time both practices will deepen and grow.

Drop in online classes £8 a session or £20 for a block of 4

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Healing in this context means coming into balance on a soul and physical level. We are working in a holistic way to bring mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony. After a session you may experience a physical detox or emotional release. These treatments are in no way meant to replace seeking medical advice

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