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What is a Walk -In Soul?

A  walk – in describes a soul exchange where with prior agreement, one soul leaves, and another one enters the human body. Each walk in is individual to the person experiencing it and how the physical body and the personality integrate the new soul will determine the success of the exchange.

These occurrences have been talked about since the 1970’s and now more and more people are aware of this term but in fact this is something that has been going on for thousands of years, but the average person then didn’t have the knowledge or language to describe what had happened.

Walk-ins happen for several reasons and can happen at any stage in life.

  • Often the new soul coming in doesn’t want or need the experience of being born into a human body and does not want to work through all the stages of growing up.

  • The mother may not have been able to hold a high enough frequency to carry a high frequency soul to term.

  • The outgoing soul may have reached a point in life where their mission is complete and so allows the new soul to come in so they can complete a new mission.

  • The first soul leaves in service to the new soul coming in and the new soul coming in serves by bringing in an often-higher perspective to work through the first soul’s negative imprints and unfinished karma and sometimes facilitate in healing the physical body.

  • Sometimes it is simply for the experience of swopping roles if a higher aspect wants the experience of coming into physical form and the first soul is wants the experience of becoming a guide for the walk-in soul.

Even now there maybe many undocumented cases of unconscious walk ins. That is to say the person was at the time not aware of what had happened but may over time realise that some event in their life was the point where everything changed. The first soul may have walked out during surgery, or during a traumatic event or even during meditation.

If a completely new soul incarnates into the previous soul’s life, often the soul exchange will prompt a personality crisis of sorts. In this case for example,they wake up from surgery and may not relate to their spouse or family and friends. They may go from a materialistic life to wanting to serve humanity and leading a more spiritual life. They change personality, lifestyle and create a new life which results in old relationships ending and a period of transitioning which creates much discord and confusion for everyone around and in particular in the person who has experienced the walk- in.

If the soul swop is with another aspect of the original soul, maybe from the same soul family or with a higher aspect of the walk out soul then it can feel as if the person has had an upgrade of sorts. The personality may not be as affected but even so the old soul’s imprints and karma still need to be worked through to allow the new soul aspect to fully come on board to activate the upgraded mission.

Conscious walk ins are less common but happen with the full conscious awareness of what is happening. Usually the person is spiritually aware and so can process the experience in a different way than if it happened to someone who did not have any awareness of occurred.

My experience was preceded by a series of messages which at the time were dismissed but now looking back were preparing me for what followed. My walk-in was conscious and happened during the night. Apart from the intensity of the actual experience my walk-in integration has been graceful and easy. I believe this is because I experienced a soul exchange with a higher aspect of my soul, from the same soul group. I know part of my mission is to assist other walk-in souls to fully integrate and come on board with whatever their mission is in the shortest of times. We are at a critical stage in human evolution and the world needs more high frequency souls to incarnate to assist at this time in history. This does NOT mean that if you are not a walk-in your mission is somehow less important. We are all having unique soul experiences and it does not serve to compare.

Now I see that prior to my walk- in I was being prepared in many ways. I have been trained to facilitate Light body sessions which provides a way to assist the body, mind, and soul to integrate and most of my clients are walk-ins, so I was very familiar with the concepts and now know what it is to experience this event. I was also diligently working on my own inner healing and spiritual growth which meant I was able to hold a higher frequency without too much disruption. However in the 4 months after my walk in I did experience a couple of bouts of flu where the descension of spirit created a healing crisis so my body could release density. Every time this happened more of my new soul’s light was able to be embodied.

If you would like to have a session where we discuss and analyse your situation to see if you are a walk- in, please email me. If you decide you would like a session to go over your experience, my hourly rate is £80 and, in this time, we can see if what you are sensing is correct.

If you already know you are a walk in and would like support to process your situation you may wish to consider receiving the six initial Light Body sessions.

Light body sessions help to repair and stabilise your energy fields to assist in integrating your new Light body (which came in with your new soul) and your physical body and mental body which even after many years may be struggling to align with the new soul components. These sessions are also useful, whether a walk -in or not to add rocket fuel to your spiritual journey and especially so for anyone who is struggling to get on with their life, and knows they have more to give.

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