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I offer occasional concessions for genuine requests. This is based on trust and based on the law of giving and receiving which stipulates a fair exchange of energy is needed for the most beneficial results.

If you have a genuine need please email me your circumstances and why you are drawn to this work and let's see if we can make it work.

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+44 (UK) 7956840612


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Linda UK

Our sessions will always stay with me.

Your kindness and grace encouraged me to visit and heal some difficult memories.

We broke bonds, cut cords and visited several past lives.

I really have had the best spiritual experience with you Karen Sophia.
I am so grateful for the safe space that you held for me to explore the deepest forest within,

and with your wisdom and knowing you helped to decode my visions.

Natasha Belgium

Karen Sophia Peck has helped me tremendously to shift with many essential items I needed to process in order to heal both emotional and physical issues. It’s been a very deep journey, working through past lives, programs, belief systems, inner child etc.

 Karen’s support has been vital to me when my health was at my lowest and I almost passed away. She has also hugely helped me go through post traumatic syndrome, and handle my new situation, on my physical and health levels, as well as in all aspects of my life. Her work has been exactly the support I needed to go through this extremely intense transitional period. Shifts have occurred in all dimensions of my being, physical, emotional, mental, energetics and spiritually, since I began my therapy with her, and it happened in a very fast time, considering where I was at, when we started the therapy.

Natalia UK

Karen is an excellent healer with great expertise in her field. She puts her client's interests at the heart of every session. I believe that healing is a co-creative process between the healer and the client and from my experience I can only confirm that healing with Karen propelled me to be at an entirely different level in the physical, mental and emotional state of being.

The level where I felt connected to my growth, my higher potential, my higher self and my magnificence too Now I am ready to create a new much bigger brighter and better future for myself, as a result, of the great support and love I have received from Karen. That support was valuable for me not only within the sessions but outside as well. Karen’s dedication to her service to others is inspirational to me. I am thankful that I have met Karen in my healing journey.

Mountain Range
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