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Who I AM

My name is
Karen Sophia Peck


I am an empath, a highly intuitive sensitive and I am at heart a facilitator of healing in others (That is someone who holds space for my clients to activate their own healing potential), an energy practitioner and teacher of esoteric principles.


I see all my experiences in life, the highs and lows as experiences that have allowed me to grow and be who I am today.

All this has shaped me, but is not who I am. Underlying all of this is a deep connection to spirit, to animals, to nature and learning all I can about the soul's journey. Like many sensitive souls, including you, I am here be my authentic self and in doing that inspire others to do the same. My skills as an alchemist using esoteric principles means I am able to help my clients reveal their highest expression of who they are, much more than  than doing it alone.


My soul destiny is to serve and bring through high levels of truth. I am here to  be a catalyst for transformation in others, while providing a safe space for change to occur. As a walk-in myself, part of my work is to assist walk -ins to integrate their experiences so they can come on line and fulfil their soul mission. 

Now I use all the wisdom acquired through these experiences, with my spiritual counselling training and all the energy modalities I use in my work, to help my clients discover their gifts and talents and assist them in bringing them on line. This creates a powerful synergy between us and in this way I believe we all grow together.

Night Skies
My Vision

My vision is one where  

Anima Mundi - the Soul of the World is held in reverence and deep respect.

Where all sentient beings living on Gaia are allowed to live their lives in peace and harmony.

Where all are taught Spirtual Laws which respects everyone's unique contribution to society.

Where everyone has the right to be

Sovereign, Whole and Free

Image by Drew Beamer
Mountain Range
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