Divine Healing Master Key


Wherever you feel stuck or incomplete a Divine healing session will bring to your conscious awareness all aspects of what is holding you back. Whatever the situation we will be working on multiple levels to clear the blocks to clear imprinted programs and anything else that is affecting you, not only from early childhood but also if appropriate from past lives and other timelines.


This allows you to come back into the essence of your true self. A coming home to self. 


When most people think of home they think of the place where they live or have lived when growing up.

When we go within we find that home is the seat of the soul which is within the energetic heart.

Imagine connecting to your Soul's essence and feeling at home whatever your circumstances?

It requires that we take the journey from head down to heart. It requires that you befriend your body, appreciate your mind, value your emotions and hand over the reigns to your soul's wisdom ( as apposed to the demands of your ego or personality self)

Every aspect of your being working together in perfect harmony.

Divine Healing Master Key gently peels away the layers of faulty beliefs, and misalignment to re align you to your Soul's wisdom and help you remember who you truly are. This is done in a very conscious way to help you understand what has been holding you back. Even if trauma is being revealed as the root cause of an issue it is brought into your awareness in a very gentle way before being released. Nothing will be revealed that you are not ready to face. There is no judgment about anything coming up. These are seen as just misconceptions that have given you a faulty program to follow. This is an exploration and can bring great insights. With this clarity we can release these deeply held programs through commands.


The spoken word has great power. Spoken with clarity and intention it sends a very clear message into the universe. 'Abracadabra' is a word associated with magic. It is from the Aramaic phrase "Avra Kehdara" which means literally " I will create as I speak" and this is based on a universal truth  " Ask And You Will Receive"


This brings about very powerful shifts in consciousness. The beauty of working with the charts is we can peel away imprints held within our matrix which otherwise would not be so easily revealed and so the commands at the end of each step become extremely effective. By the end of a session you will have uncovered and cleared up to 8 charts all relating to the intention set at the start of the session. Once these issues are cleared you are able to hold more light which enables you to align more easily with your Divine Purpose. Feel lighter and freer to express your truth.


The charts cover:-


  • Your soul records and soul programmes

  • Inherited ancestral patternings

  • Unresolved past life issues

  • Hidden ego agendas, sabotages and conflicts

  • Blocked energy in the subtle bodies and chakras

  • Fear programs

  • Interference energies

  • Physical, mental and emotional imbalances

  • Blocked energy in the organs and glands

  • Genetically encoded imprints

  • Judgements and negative beliefs

  • Shock and trauma.


Each session usually lasts between 1 hour to 1hr 20/30minutes.

I charge a sliding scale of £45- £75 for an hour to £65 to £100  for a longer session.

In person in West Sussex or by a Zoom call