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Body Consciousness Realignment

Do you feel scattered? Feel your body has a will of its own? And that despite your best efforts you keep feeling trapped within habits that are hard to break?

When we remember our spiritual connection we become aware that we are more than our physical bodies and recognise that our bodies are the vehicle for consciousness while alive on the Earth.

Your body has a consciousness made up of separate sentient beings in their own right,

working to keep the body functioning.


This consciousness of the body is collectively called the Keepers of the Human Legacy.

Just like the cells of the body which work as a collective to maintain the physical functioning of each organ and system in the body, your keepers are responsible for the energetic function, and oversee the physical function of each system, organ and gland in the body as well.Their job up to now has been to maintain us in maximum separation from God, so we can experience the density of human form and what it is like to live within the rules of the 3rd dimension.


Body Consciousness realignment involves establishing a communication channel with the keepers, and by changing the keepers orientation. This done by breaking the vows we took with the keepers before incarnating so that they now align with the soul and can now assist the return to higher consciousness on our ascension path. It is vital to bring the body in alignment so we can start to manifest heaven on earth.

As a result of doing this work, you may experience feeling more calm and grounded, feeling more focused and still, spontaneous healing. Healing, meditation, and all spiritual practices become easier.


Sessions are up to 1 1/2  hours in duration.

The cost is £120 per session

Plus £40 per additional 1/2 hour if needed.

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