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Crystal Ball
Your Soul Blueprint


We are all here on purpose. There are no coincidences to why you are YOU!


What if we could see the patterns that create our lives and see how there is Divine Intelligence at play ?

What if we had a roadmap to help us acheive a life of fulfillment and purpose? What if this helps us to see that there is a divine plan waiting for us to be activated?


Until we awaken to the fact that we are more than just our physical existence most of us stumble through life without any direction. A Soul Blueprint reading will give you clarity to your soul's purpose for being here. It also acts as a rememberence and activation of the Creation codes you hold within your DNA.

It is a guide for what your soul has chosen to experience for it's personal growth.

We all grow through experience and gain wisdom from working through the challenges that life presents, but we are also given gifts and talents that help us to reach our goals and ultimately live our Soul's Destiny.

A Soul Blueprint reading (sometimes called your Soul Plan) gives great insights to who you are. It highlights your Creation codes and shows how these can be activated to help you navigate through the challenges life brings as you move towards the goals you have chosen for this lifetime.

Once everything comes into alignment your soul's destiny is much easier to access. When you know you are aligned to your soul's reason for being here everything starts to make sense. 


Within a reading you will gain clarity and recognition of how your life has hidden meaning. It can be very life affirming to have confirmation you are on the right path or clarity on how changes can be made to assist you to acheive your goals and ultimately align to your Soul's Destiny. 

Soul Blueprint Readings have been derived from ancient texts such as the Zohar and the Sefer Yetzirah which explores the creation of reality through sound, letter and word. Much of this channelled system was brought into being by Frank Alper (1930-2007) in his Spiritual Numerology of Moses work.  

There are no coincidences and so the name you were given will be encoded with the Creation Codes (frequencies and energies) that will enable your soul to experience the situations and experiences to enable it to grow.

Through an analysis of your birth name I will be able to chart your:


  • Challenges 

  • Talents  

  • Goals

  • Your overall Soul or Divine Destiny


Your Soul Blueprint can be taken as an individual session. In fact it is a good place to start. However it is intended to be a guide to make sense of your life so if you would like further support to work through the challenges that are highlighted you may wish to consider additional Divine Healing or Light Body sessions, which will give you all the tools needed to align with your goals and destiny.

To prepare a Reading I will need your name as it appears on your birth certificate. I will then need a week to chart your Soul Blueprint.

In our Zoom session, I will explain the reading and give you guidance, tools and techniques to help you move forward in your life. Payment for this session needs to be made in advance due to the time taken to draw up a chart. 


Session cost- £150 to include a copy of your Soul Blueprint chart

Please note all sessions to be paid in advance


All sessions take place on  zoom  which allows me to connect across all time zones.

All energy healings and transmissions transcend time and space so all you need to do is be open to receive.



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