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 Nephillim Soul Realignment

As part of the human experience we have agreed on a soul level


to play a game of separation from God.


And like any game there comes a time for the game to end.

When you hit a threshold of awakening it creates a very strong feeling of resistance

in your consciousness.

We are at the end times for this game and so we are winding up vows and contracts we initially made to fully participate. As part of this game it was agreed that each human would have an extra consciousness embodied, in addition to the human soul.

Its purpose

To hold the illusion of being separate and disconnected from divinity, in order to keep the conscious

personality expression from awakening for as long as possible.


In return for this service, the Nephilim soul is simultaneously permitted to embody in order to regenerate its DNA, which cannot be done in the higher dimensions.

The Nephilim consciousness performs this service as its part in the creation of the game of separation.


It should not be regarded as dark or evil in the process.

It is just doing the job that the human soul asked him to do


This extra consciousness is wrapped around the spinal column and as the light coming in triggers

spiritual awakening it will often trigger physical symptoms such as back pain and headaches.  Nephilim consciousness creates the influence of that little voice that urges you to do something even when you know it is not wise, as it’s job is to maintain you in the lower frequency vibrations of victimhood and to keep you from coming into mastery.




The removal procedure involves dissolving the contract between the Nephilim consciousness and your soul which we do by performing the relevant vow breaks. The vows are specific to you and are channelled prior to the session. Once the vows are released, the Nephilim consciousness is removed.

This creates the space for more of your higher self to embody, as a result you may experience a great sense of relief and freedom, coupled with greater awareness and connection to your Higher Self and it’s guidance.



The Body Consciousness Realignment.


Sessions are up to 1 1/2  hours in duration.

The cost is £120 per session

Plus £40 per additional 1/2 hour if needed.

Mountain Range
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