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Spiritual Bypassing

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Spiritual Bypassing is a phrase many will not be familiar with. It basically means using spirituality to avoid facing uncomfortable feelings and issues in life. It is a trap that keeps you from growing and experiencing all that your Soul wants you to experience in the quest for expansion and coming into wholeness.

Most of us come into spiritual awareness as a way of making sense of our lives. It adds meaning to the day-to-day drudgery of life. It adds sparkle and a sense of purpose beyond the physical. It can help keep us calm and centred when chaos reigns. This is all good but as in everything there are lessons to be learnt if your spiritual life gets out of balance.

There is a glamour attached to enhanced psychic abilities that can be very alluring. Who doesn’t want to have superpowers that make you feel special or unique? Who doesn’t want Love and Light sprinkled throughout their day? We are taught to raise our vibration by focusing on the positive and replacing low vibration feelings with positive affirmations which if repeated often enough will make us feel better. It is akin to being offered a cookie when we were young children to stop us crying. It doesn’t validate your very genuine feelings and just pushes them into a dark corner of our unconscious mind. (This is how they become our shadows)

None of these things in themselves are ‘bad’ the problem arises when we fall into the trap of avoiding feelings and emotions by using the fluffy aspect of spirituality to make us feel better.

I have had many wonderful spiritual teachers who have all taught me what I needed to know at the time. My first teacher was a great teacher for a newbie like myself. She saw the good in all of her pupils and was great at supporting and encouraging us. She often would say words along the lines of we don’t do the dark stuff, let’s just focus on the Light. I felt very safe with her and I thank and honour all she taught me. However I knew I had outgrown her when I started to want to hear some constructive critism instead of just how lovely my work was! This was my Soul’s way of telling me I needed to move on in order to grow and learn!

I think this story just serves to illustrate that spirituality is not just about finding teachers, techniques, practices etc to make us feel good. Feeling good is often a mask hiding our deepest fears and insecurities. It is the polarity of bad! From a higher spiritual perspective there is no good or bad just an experience. If we stay in situations that make us feel good but don’t feed our soul we are denying a very important part of the process, which is to bring into wholeness all aspects of ourselves. This is about integrating the parts of ourselves that we deny or hide form ourselves and others but comes out when we least expect it. Usually when a situation or person triggers us and leaves us gasping for air when we realise that we are not all light and love. That mask we have carefully built up around us to allow our ego to feel safe and acceptable.

Once we start integrating our dark side it no longer has the power to be activated. We become authentic human beings who through the trials of learning in this dense 3D energy called ‘Life on Earth’ start to learn compassion for ourselves and all our frailties. We can then be compassionate to others and accept them for who they are wherever they are on their path of coming into wholeness. It is not a path for the faint hearted. This is a path of courage as you learn to face yourself and master the complex task of being human. This is about self love and acceptance. It is a truth that is not sugar coated nor is it anything you can not deal with. We are coming into a new stage of spiritual maturity. One of mastery and sovereignty. This takes us to a new level. I believe if you are a Light worker you may want to reconsider your job title. We are Warriors of Light. Here to face the Truth in all it’s glory as we integrate light and dark as an expression of the greatest aspects of ourselves.

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