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Are you living a Soulful Life?

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Living a soulful life is about filling yourself up with the essence of who you are. It does not require that you become more spiritual for you already are that. A spiritual being having a human experience.

Spiritual energy moves within all life. It is what gives us life. Some call it chi, prana, lifeforce energy. Some call it Divine Spirit. These are all labels to describe the indescribable which is what runs through us and animates our physical bodies, brings our thoughts to life, and allows us to experience being alive through all our senses. Your soul is animated by this energy but is unique to you. Your soul is your energetic signature that holds all aspects of who you are beginning from it's conception as an individuated spark of God. Your soul will continue in an infinite cycle of expansion and contraction over all its incarnations until you become one with God and then the cycles will probably begin all over again.

Someone who goes to church or meditates for hours on end, does yoga and chants mantras, follows a vegan diet is not more spiritual than you. They are just choosing to express their connection to their spiritual nature in that way.

In fact, they may be missing the whole point if they are coming from a place of fear. If their spiritual practice helps them avoid facing who they really are it in fact becomes a form of spiritual bypassing to avoid feeling anything that is judged as bad. There is a lot of new age hype that we need to conform to succeed. Looking good, sounding good, acting happy, working hard and being productive so others will see you as a 'spiritual' person.

Being soulful is nothing to do with conforming or improving yourself. It is about accepting yourself just as you are. From a spiritual perspective there can be no judgment. You are a soul having the experience of just being you. Just for the experience of being alive. Loving yourself, accepting yourself and spreading your brand of love.

Your soul is here to experience life in all its messy glory. You have incarnated in this body, with this personality, to use your talents to experience and move through challenges. Your soul has goals, physical and spiritual. It is not about necessarily about material success, although it could be. It is more about the qualities and wisdom you will gain through the experience. Your purpose is to experience life and grow from these experiences. Your mission may be to create a charity that is recognised worldwide for the good it achieves. Or your mission might be to find self-acceptance and inner peace and to live a very simple life. If you are following your passion and joy, there is a great probability you are aligned to a soulful life.

One way to check this out is to ask yourself. Does what I am doing make my heart sing? Is this bringing me deep satisfaction? Or am I chasing butterflies under the illusion that this is making me happy? Be honest with yourself. Sit with the questions (which is where a meditation practice is helpful) Whatever the answer, it is actually neither right or wrong. Both are experiences and sometimes it is necessary to chase a few butterflies or kiss a few frogs until you get to know yourself better.

Your life is yours to live. We are moving away from the need to conform. We are realising that deep inner peace is worth more than fitting in. Your unique soulful life is waiting to be revealed when you follow your heart, pursue your dreams, and do what makes your heart sing. If you feel you are already living a soulful life allow things to expand and grow. Go with the flow and enjoy the process. If you need help to find your path, ask the universe to show you the way. Follow the breadcrumbs, be guided by your intuition, and allow everything to unfold in divine timing. This is the journey of a lifetime. Take your time. Enjoy!

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