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How Does Divine Healing Work?

In a Divine Healing session we start by identifying what it is you wish to work through. We set an intention which gives us the direction we wish to go. I then, having connected to my higher guidance will be shown the contributing patterns that need to be released in order to unlock the issue. The patterns we hold can be very complex, but this work is done very easily using the various charts (Over 150) which identify the hidden aspects of these patterns. Each chart covers an aspect that needs to be cleared and are shown to me in the order needed to be released for the optimal effect. It may be an unconscious belief or a way of thinking that is sabotaging your best efforts to be free. Sometimes we will uncover issues from past lives and sometimes we correct the physical body. Every chart helps us unravel the presenting issue. A session may contain a few charts or many. Each session is unique, and we are shown step by step what needs to be looked at, understood, felt in the body, and then released.

When these aspects come to light and become conscious, then we are able to release them at a quantum level through the energy of your voice. These become commands to the universe using the power of your voice. When you state something in a very clear way while in a sacred healing space the energy your voice carries reverberates out into the universe and returns back to you transformed.


Think of the power of any sacred ceremony such as a wedding between two people where vows are stated out loud with witnesses to the event.

We are assisted in a session by higher beings of light who are here to assist humanity transform old, deep patterns to light. They give me the necessary information as to what needs to be released. They form my healing team alongside other specialists as needed, to create the healing required. As the facilitator of your session I create the sacred space and witness the transformation taking place while acting as a bridge between my healing team in spirit and the clients higher self.

Healing is where we come into balance and harmony accepting the things that can not be changed while stepping into our power to shift patterns and behaviours that are ready to change. When we change our thoughts and beliefs and shift our inner awareness, we change our frequency, like changing the dial on a radio station, and we start to see changes in our outer world as we attract higher vibrations into our lives. This is alchemy where we shift a pattern at the energetic level in order to see different results. It goes much deeper than trying to change habits through willpower. These shifts are happening across time and space and create lasting change with an understanding and wisdom that cannot be lost.

Each time we release a layer, you become lighter and more connected to your true destiny at the level of the Soul. Things that once caused conflict or upset are no longer triggered in you. The program that ran is now obsolete and neutralised, old patterns gradually dissolve. This allows your souls light and power to shine more brightly and gives you a foundation to recreate your life the way you want it. As a bonus when you heal yourself, you also change everyone around you, and you clear ancestral patterns so that those that have gone before you and any future progeny benefit as well.

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