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Advanced Light Body Sessions

The requirements for the advanced light body sessions require the full six Light Body sessions to have been taken, or if these sessions have already been  taken

a Higher Light Session within the past 3 months.

If this is not done it can cause energetic disruption and physical pain.


A Higher Light Session can also be taken whenever you feel the need for regular maintenance  of your light body, or in preparation for the advanced sessions. They are especially useful if you are processing a lot of light . Sometimes known as a descension of spirit.


​If you are a regular client, you may receive a Higher Light session in preparation for

any advanced sessions (if required) at a discounted rate of £85

Supplementary Processes

These processes can be added onto a Higher Light Integration session (which is recommended anytime you feel fried from the ascension process)

or may require a separate session.


Before booking a higher light session ask about the following supplements​

  • Energetic Cocoon

  • Power Pack

  • Feeding tube

  • Hormonal Balancing

  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

  • Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus

  • Negative Energy protection Suit

  • DNA Surgery


Cost for a session of up to one and a half hours is £120 GBP.

£40 for each additional half hour.

Karmic Matrix Reabsorbtion

A karmic matrix reabsorption/divinity activation is a deceptively simple, highly effective technique for the reabsorption of the third and fourth dimensional dysfunctional patterns and the activation of Divine identity, context, reality measurement, pictures of reality, skills, abilities, and perceptions.

Because it is so effective, carefully discern whether this technique is appropriate for you at this time, and whether it is truly the will of your spirit.

Do not underestimate this work, it reabsorbs patterns holographically from your entire incarnational grid across space and time, all at once, and brings all the incarnate facets of the oversoul up to the same speed so there's no drag weight anymore.


It affects every person you have ever had contact with and makes the karmic patterns less available to the hologram as a whole.


This technique is designed for dedicated light workers and is not appropriate for someone enmeshed in the third dimensional world.

When awakened light workers look at their lives, they see lots of little patterns and pictures of reality that limit their effectiveness in creating heaven on earth.


For Lightworker the KMR experience can be ecstatic.

It is based on the principle of “ask and it shall be given"


I as the facilitator, do not remove the karmic matrix, your own spirit reabsorbs the matrix and activates higher dimensional qualities, pictures of reality, identity, and higher brain functions, which allows for rapid manifestation of fifth dimensional experiences.


I hold the space and lead you through the formal asking.​


Your matrix is like a woolly jumper. A KMR will punch holes in this woolly jumper. How many holes are punched depends on your higher self. It could be one hole, or it could be 15 or more.

The holes in the matrix will create an unravelling of programs, beliefs, restrictions, and limitations over six months to a year.


Again, how much unravels depends on your higher self. If it is not the right time, nothing will happen. This unravelling process can be quite intense. You must be sure you feel guided to undertake this process. It may change your life radically or very subtly. It is impossible to know the full effect it will have as this is determined by your higher self.

This process is not appropriate for everyone. It is for people who have already done enough inner work to release their karmic patterns.

It comes from a deep compelling drive to undertake this work as it’s effects can be far reaching.

If the time is not right NOTHING will change. If in doubt you may consider some Divine Healing Sessions to prepare you for your KMR



You will need to have received a Higher Light session within the previous 3 months of receiving a KMR, so your system is able to cope with the potential changes. If this is the case, please contact me to arrange for this session prior to booking in the KMR session.


I may also need to have a short zoom conversation with you to ascertain if this session is right for you.



The prerequisites of this are the primary 6 Light Body integration, activations, and recalibrations


This can be a three-hour session.

Cost for a session of up to 2 hours is £160 GBP

 £40 for each additional half hour.

Ze -Yod Spectrum Alignment

This is the next step beyond a Higher Light integration and a person is usually ready for this Higher Activation about a year after completing the basic Light Body work.


  • This work activates circuitry and cycles in the body, which allows the physical consciousness to access it's essential design, beyond the boundaries of form, and recognize itself as divine.

  • It reconnects the body's axiotonal lines into their star grids.

  • Activates the circuitry in the brain for whole thought reception and the ability to translate light languages.

  • It activates the crystalline structure in the chest, which holds divine purpose.

  • Clears and calibrates the control panel in the chest for its next level of functioning.

  • The cycles of the 14 chakras are adjusted allowing them to operate at that next level of functioning.

  • Resonate with the Adam Kadmon (Divine form) and embody divinity smoothly, easily, and ecstatically.

  • The electric magnetic and gravitational forces of the body are carefully aligned and tuned so that the body has no need to resist the full embodiment of divinity.


The prerequisites of this are the primary 6 Light Body integration,

activations, and recalibrations

Cost for a session of up to one and a half hours is £120 GBP

£40 for each additional half hour.

Energetic Imprinting Reabsorption   (EIR)

The purpose of an energetic imprinting reabsorption is to remove the negative imprint of someone who's had a detrimental effect on you. E.g., abuser, ex-partner, current partner, teacher, boss, parents, siblings.


This is usually someone who has psychically attacked you in the past or in present time. 

This is done using the karmic matrix vow breaking process, and the birth soul contract interpretations of the imprinter when available.

If the birth name is not known, using the name you know then by will still work!


This powerful process will free you client from the negative effects of that imprint, allowing you to move forward in your life. However, it only works when you are truly ready to be free of the imprint of their influence. An EIR does not necessarily mean that the relationship with the imprinter is completed. It acts more to clear the sticky karmic interaction so that the relationship can be renegotiated at a higher level. In some cases when the relationship was purely karmic it can dissolve. In other cases, e.g., parents and partners. It allows freedom for the relationship to move to a next level.


The prerequisites of this are the primary 6 Light Body integration, activations, and recalibrations.


Cost for a session of up to one hour and a half  hours is £120 GBP

£40 for each additional  half hour.


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