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Higher Light Integration

The Higher Light integration session will activate dormant parts of your DNA.

(Higher Light is your 5th dimensional life force energy

coming from your Monad/Higher Self into the 3rd and 4th dimension)

It assists in the building of the Light body which has been disconnected through misalignment to allow the illusion of separation from spirit.

It prepares the physical body for full embodiment of the oversoul/Higher self

It recalibrates, repairs all the Light body circuits.

It repairs and enhances the axial system which is like a circulatory system for the Higher Light.

Chakras can be optimised, recalibrated and if necessary, replaced.

This will raise the frequency of the body to allow the higher frequencies of the oversoul to come into physical form. This session is very blissful and is a balm for the soul as the Light body is repaired and brought back into alignment.

Prerequisite: -

Body consciousness realignment.

Nephilim soul realignment.

Etheric crystal removal and Divinity threshold removal.

Astral devices.


Sessions are up to 1 1/2  hours in duration.

The cost is £120 per session

Plus £40 per additional 1/2 hour if needed.

Mountain Range
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