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Activations & Recalibrations

In this final session of the basic LightBody work

Dormant light language receptors, structures that have lain dormant will be activated.

Metatronic energy flows will be recalibrated which brings more light into the etheric body.

This will eventually turn us into Beings of Light.

New pathways are cut through our brains creating new ways of thinking and psychic openings.

Our heart chakras open to merge with all the other chakras to create our Merkabah ( our vehicle for ascension) This allows connection and an integration of higher consciousness in our personalities and bodies. These activations will reconnect you more fully to your oversoul/higher self.

Recalibration of the seventh dimensional flows and structures is then undertaken to assist you to ground more of your spirit into your physical body below the ribcage.

This allows for more of your spirit to embody

which allows you to flow and be guided by your intuiton.


Prerequisite: -

Body consciousness realignment.

Nephilim soul realignment.

Etheric crystal and Divinity threshold removal.

Astral devices removal.

 Higher Light Integration.

Sessions are up to 1 1/2  hours in duration.

The cost is £120 per session

Plus £40 per additional 1/2 hour if needed.

Mountain Range
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