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Etheric Crystal Removal.

In this session we remove limiting fifth dimensional crystals held in your etheric body.These block multi-dimensional capabilities and create a ceiling on consciousness.

These crystals act as circuit breakers which get overloaded as more and more light pours into the body which can then create pressure and pain in the head and upper body.

As higher light pours into the etheric blueprint, pressure builds up around the crystals which may manifest physically as sharp pains in the head or chest, spasms in the neck and shoulders and sudden deterioration of hearing vision or thinking

We call these regulator crystals. You place these structures in the blueprint body before entering your incarnation to assist you to experience being humanly limited. 90% of people have what we call a standard issue of 19 crystals. They keep certain light connections from being made in the etheric blueprint body thereby preventing certain perceptions and abilities from manifesting physically.


Some of these circuit breakers inhibit clairvoyance centres,telepathic centres,

psychokinetic centres that control visualization of upper dimensional geometries and motions,and the amount of light your body can absorb thereby creating a spiritual ceiling.



As a result of doing this work, you may experience: -

  • Clearer thinking and whole brain thinking.

  • Better dream recall, lucid dreaming in dimensions higher than the astral plane.

  • Feeling more self-confidence, focused and centred.

  • A gentle or sudden openings in psychic or multi-dimensional perceptions.

  • More experience of your mastery and Divinity.

  • A deeper communion with spirit.

  • It becomes much easier to follow and recognize direction from spirit.

  • Possible alleviation of physical pain.

  • Out of body travel.​

Prerequisite -

Body consciousness realignment.

Nephilim Soul realignment.

Etheric crystal removal.

Please note Etheric Crystal and Divine Threshold Removal are usually taken in one session


Sessions are up to 1 1/2  hours in duration.

The cost is £120 per session

Plus £40 per additional 1/2 hour if needed.

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